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Are you sure the tool they are talking about is "culturally and linguistically appropriate services"? I thought it was the "Classroom Assessment Scoring System," which is an evaluation of teacher-child interaction.

CD, you're correct, and I've fixed the story to be accurate. Thanks for the catch.

I am a director of an infant toddler program in Southern California. I am telling you and anyone else who will listen that there is no way in heck you can provide quality care for 4 infants at one time alone. Period. Iters is a great tool; it measures the environment -- which is what teachers have control over -- and is a much much better tool than the DRDP-R. People are making decisions who have never done the job -- they should have to do the job (or have done the job) before they try to make decisions for those of us who do.

Thank you for your insight, Keri. As I understand it, this is exactly what kind of input ELQIS panels are looking for.

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