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Renny Noll did nothing for this investigation. The investigation started prior to the appearance of Renny Noll. Renny thinks that he is the answer to all of this, but he was more of a problem then a resolution. Terminations and resignations occured prior to Noll ever being asked to be an interim for the County. The Personnel Office, the DA and the Probation department all participated but there was no factual information. All information was heresay and a crime can not be prosecuted on heresay.

In the June 26, 2010 issue of the Sacramento Valley Mirror, ... two pictures of the same women appear: former Tehama County Councilor Melissa Jones. One is her booking picture; in the other, she is...laying back, one arm behind her head and with her boob exposed. She sent this to one of the juveniles she reportedly had sex, gave drugs and guns to...Why has District Attorney Greg Cohen not brought serious charges against her?
Jones only received 45 days in jail for putting a Glock semi-automatic handgun to whistle blower and ex-employee of the Health Center Barry Clausen‘s head and threatening him.....
...[Sheriff Clay] Parker lost the election and Cohen ...barely won... by only 11% of the vote. They claimed there wasn’t a case and closed it. They can still do the right thing by stepping up to their oath of office, do their sworn duty and do a real investigation with real charges...
Also...[the wife of our] newly elected judge, Todd Bottke, is the Tehama County Health Center Assistant Executive Director and testified at the assault trial. Did all of this happen under her watch? Why isn’t she...demanding a real investigation...? If the Bottkes want to start out on the right foot...they need to step up....
Where's the Daily News, Corning Observor, KRCR, KHSL and KBLF on this one? ... On the other hand, I would like to thank Sacramento Valley Mirror of Artois, Pioneer Press of Trinity County, and Chico News and Review for their true journalistic commitment to controversial stories about corruption in Tehama County...

If I were Melissa Jones I would contact an attorney. Despite the anonymous allegations, she was not and has never been charged with any mistreatment of minors. Parents and children in detention often have axes to grind, and Clausen and Tim Cruise are widely known for their gonzo journalism that is made up out of thin air. Talk to Cruise's ex-wife and she will tell you about his penchant for making up stories, like when he went to jail... He claimed he had information that he refused to divulge when the truth was he never had that information in the first place. Great reporting? The investigation did not turn up anything. Get real.

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