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Board of Supervisors made a big mistake picking Phillip Browning to run DCFS. Mr Browning is running DPSS into the ground. Lawsuits, and worker's compensation claims have increased under under his so called leadership. Employee moral is at an all time low. Poor DCFS employees.

I just filed a suit against DCFS for not taking me to court while in prison, as the court ordered. DCFS did not give me any notice of these hearings and my court appointed attorney left me in the middle of the case. I had the custody of my three boys taken from me without ever getting a chance to be heard or even know what is going on. I now face a long battle to get my custody back, which I never should have lost. DCFS justs runs over the rights of parents as they see fit and ignores what the duty is really all about. what is best for the kids. Do they ever ask the kids? No they do not. They just take information that somebody else got and make their own determination. They violated every statute and policy that they advocate for and toy with people's lives.

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